Sep 8, 2009

I am A.L.R
Adrienne L. Robertson.

I believe that Hip Hop is the purest form of expression in the urban community. It’s a style of dress, a manner of speech, a type of music, an art form, a conversation that is worthy of this blog.

Across the globe the culture has affected, and is still affecting the way the world turns. From its beginnings in the American ghetto, Hip Hop has moved globally into the mainstream of every culture.
My company has done its research and has brought to the table big time value to the Hip Hop industry.

Remember the first Barbie doll? She hit the stores in 1959. The first year, 351,000 Barbie dolls were sold. The first GI Joe sold in 1960. When Mattel came out with the Michael Jackson dolls in the 70’s they were a limited edition. Each are still sought after, still collected, and still valued.

We at eXD3 Inc. are bringing the collectible to the Hip Hop industry - The UrbanHeadz - the greatest evolution of the “bobblehead.” Years from now you will remember your most endeared artist, enjoy the hobby of collecting, and own a piece of history that will only increase in value.

The upcoming blog forum will be very rewarding for me to direct, beginning with a segment based on insight from students across the country embracing their thoughts on the path the Hip Hop industry is taking in today's business realm.

Go to our website, and see for your self.


eXD3 Inc

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